Knobby Knive
Knobby Knives in action
Knobby Knives in action
Knobby Knives in action
Knobby Knives in action
Knobby Knives in action
Knobby Knives in action
Knobby Knives in action
Knobby Knives in action


Thank you for doing this, the knife arrived yesterday and I had enough time to sort my tyres out for my enduro tomorrow. EXCELLENT SERVICE, thank you.

Testimonial by Mathew Waters

Hi, I thought you would like to know that I purchased an MX tyre cutter as it was much cheaper than the Knobby Knife.

I was really couldn’t wait for it to turn up as I have a tyre with badly rounded knobs! Plugged it in & waited until it got hot & started to square up the knobs. It was great on the first 3 but then seemed to struggle to cut smoothly through the rubber.

It improved if I let it reheat & did another three! But as it was cheap I didn’t mind waiting, but then it just took forever to reheat & I ended up cutting much less than I had wanted to.

I went to my local electrical wholesaler to see what was wrong & he laughed at what I had been using it for & said it was a ‘decal’ remover! 

I ordered a Knobby Knife on line (gulp!), again awaiting it’s arrival to miraculously improve on the cheapy! Well what a difference, a bit of a whiff of smoke (it only did this the first time I plugged it in – I guess cause it was new!), the knobby Knife cuts easier, quicker & stays hot all the time without having to keep stopping! I really will give it a hammering as I have promised to do a friends tyres for him. I hope I do not need to use the 2 year warranty!

Testimonial by Gary Hobson

What a fantastic product.

I borrowed my mates Knobby Knife for a couple of weeks and was hooked. Me and my mates only use Michelin AC 10 tyres, and these have quite wide knobs on them.

What i found is when you sharpen the front edge of the tyre, it decreases the knob size slightly, which causes the tyre to hook up better in muddy conditions. The tyres should last 3 or 4 times longer than normal.

I have ordered my own knobby knife today!

Testimonial by Gary Hobson

As a motocross rider and racer I get through tyres pretty quickly and when I saw the knobby Knife I thought I would give it a try. It took a few goes to get the correct technique, but now I can revive a worn tire in no time at all. 

Tyres that would have been put aside for practice can now be re-cut and used for another race meeting.

Well worth the money.

Testimonial by Lucas Harris,  Lincs

Just recieved my Knobby Knife and i have cut my rear tire saving me from turning it and its already paid for itself it so easy to use no smoke stays cool at the handle great product gary.

Testimonial by Gary Sweetwater Tn Gncc Racer

I just got this last night…have an enduro this weekend so there was no time to waste. Out in the garage at 10PM putting the edge back on my tire. It is easy to use and is amazing what it can do. I can see easily being able to hone the edge on my tires at least 3 times.

Think about that…it basically is like getting 4 new tires out of your one…can you say “WINNING” $$. So today I’m looking at the tire and wondering…hmmmm…I know it looks good but I wonder how well the tire takes traction. Well put the fears to rest…just as good if not better than a new tire. It just plain rips… Awesome product and great people from right here in the good ol’ USA.

Folks you just can’t go wrong with this item. Oh and the reason I considered this in the first place is that changing tires is a pain anyway but I have bibbs and anyone who has seen or knows about them knows tire changes with bibbs is 100 times worse so the less I have to do it the better.

Thanks Knobby Knife!

Testimonial by Jeff Fitzpatrick New Jersey


Great tool! 45min and both my sons and my bike are ready to ride.

Testimonial by Mike, San Clemente

Hi Mark. Great product. Works as advertised. Love those nice sharpe edges! Let’s ride!

Testimonial by Gene A. Anchorage, Alaska

Got my knobbyknife on Friday. It works great!

I have cut like 10 tires already. It took about halfway through the first tire to get used to it. Now It takes me about ten minutes per tire. I used it on all my riding buddies’ tires while we were prepping for Sundays race.

Once cut they really do hook up like new tires. I even pulled a few old tires out from behind the shed, sharpened them up and mounted them for my buddy who is struggling financially right now. I hit them with some tire shine and they even looked like new tires. He said it felt like a fresh tire after the race yesterday. I gave him the other one to tuck away as a spare.

I also found that the newly cut edge holds up well. My tire was still nice and sharp after a 2 hour race yesterday.

I think you have a great product here Mark. It already paid for itself 10 times over.

Testimonial by J.A. - Virginia

All I have to say is that the Knobbyknife is the best thing i have bought in a LONG time, and I buy a lot of stuff!

Testimonial by E. F. New York

Received the KnobbyKnife and “sharpened” my first tire. Went riding and can say that the fresh edge definitely makes an improvement in tire performance. Actually was quite easy to learn the cutting technique.

Thanks, a great product.

Testimonial by R.L. Iowa

I bought the knobbyknife about 2 months ago , and l’ve put alot of miles on it so far and it didn’t have any sort on malfunction (it works amazing) i use it on my ice racing tires for a quad and it worked great.

Thanks for the awesome product.

Testimonial by P. M. Canada

I received the KnobbyKnife a couple of days ago and it works great. The video tutorial did a great job of getting me started and like others have mentioned after learning the technique it only takes about 10 minutes a tire.

Thanks for a great product.

Testimonial by A.W. - Virginia

Arrived today.
Thank you, top service.

Colin Phillips 

What a great product! Easy to use, well built, and pays for itself immediately! Not to mention the time saved changing tires.

I wish I had one of these years ago. I figured for the price I’d get the gloves and goggles as well, and I’m happy with them too.

Thanks for delivering a great product at a reasonable price Knobby Knife.

Testimonial by M. B. Edmonton Alberta Canada

I received my new Knobby Knife last month, and promptly put it to the test. After letting it warm up properly, (follow the instructions), I used it to cut a Michelin sand tire.

The Knobby Knife worked really well. I have experience with grooving irons from race car tires, and the Knobby Knife is far superior in performance. I made one small modification to the tool, replacing the standard head screw with a set screw, just above the blade, in order to facilitate cutting sideways, which turned out to be an effective technique with the large knobs on the sand tire. All in all, the Knobby Knife is a great tool.

Testimonial by Brad Kohler



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